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18+ only! I do kink art (vore/stuffing/tentacles) and normie art (SFW and NSFW). yeehaw.

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Commission Info

Posted by OmaeWaMoShindeiru - February 12th, 2019


1. I reserve the right to accept/reject any request, trade, or commission.

2. Payment for commissions will be accepted up front, unless I am uncertain I can do what you want, in which case then payment will be taken after the very basic sketch is completed and approved by both of us.

3. Full refunds are only available on images I haven't started. If I've started the image when you ask, I will take a fee out (based on the amount of work I've done), and then issue a partial refund.

4. Super-detailed characters/outfits will cost more.

5. You may only ask for free changes to your art if you've provided visual references. If you refuse to find visual references, then you are agreeing that I have creative freedom to do what I think looks good.

  • If no references are provided and you are dissatisfied with your drawing, you may request changes for an additional fee that will vary based on the degree of change.

6. I don't do private commissions/art. It isn't at all rewarding to draw an image I can't share with people.

  • I am willing to keep an image secret for a short time (30 days from completion date) or to not name you as the commissioner.

7. Please keep in mind that Patreon work takes priority over commission work and so when I take your commission, it might be a few months before your image is completed!

Will Do / Won't Do

Will do:

-Same-size vore
-Internal Shots
-Character Design
-Vore (obviously)

Might Do:

-Males (absolutely will do femme boys, but masculine/muscular males are a bit harder and will be determined on a case-by-case basis)
-Soul Vore

Won't Do:

-Graphic Digestion
-Breast Vore
-Hyper appendages
-Complex backgrounds (I'm just not any good at these.)
-In-progress vore for same-size shots.

If you are unsure, please ask! The worst I will do is say no. :)


~$25 for uncoloured sketches (+10 per additional character)

~$35 for line-art only pictures (+20 per additional character)

Flat colour can be added to sketches or line-art for ~$5 per character

(Complex characters/colour patterns will cost extra, sorry to say! These will be determined on a case-by-case basis!)

Occasionally (very rarely) soft shading will be offered for an up charge variant on the detail/complexity of the characters involved; base price is +10. If you're interested, please ask about it.

(All prices are in USD with the expectation that the image will be full-bodied)